About me

About me

I’m a software engineer with a great passion for mobile development. During my study, I developed my first iOS application which was a TV show catalogue that suggested new shows based on your favorites. When my fellow students started using the app and got thrilled about it, I got even more excited. My passion for mobile development was born.

I couldn’t wait to build more apps and therefor I joined Info Support in 2014 as a Mobile developer. At Info Support the preferred way to develop apps is with Xamarin, so I started to look into Xamarin. My experience in native development helped me a lot when starting to learn Xamarin and my experience as a software engineer helped me building the backend as well.

Bruno & Xamarin

Because I was never shy about my passion for mobile, I was assigned on a job to build an app that allows patients to chat with their doctor. The project was a great success and from there on, I mostly worked on mobile projects.

Besides work, I like to play and watch football (soccer). I also love to travel and meet inspiring people. When I’m not busy with my work or hobbies, I spend time at home with my girlfriend and dog. My dog also loves Xamarin monkeys!